Staff Favorite: Theory Adashi K Cityscape Jacket

This season at Shop LA Style, we may or may not have a minor obsession with Theory jackets. While the Theory Laura Wool Jersey Coat in Black is still our marketing intern, Michelle’s, personal favorite, our assistant buyer, Helene’s, new favorite is the Theory Adashi K Cityscape Jacket in Black/White. A cotton and wool blend, this motorcycle inspired jacket can rock daytime, nighttime, and any time in between. It looks fierce paired with skirts


and with pants

with pantsHelene admits that it was “the motorcycle style of this jacket that drew me in at first. After the initial lust at first sight, I grew to love the jacket because of the zipper detailing and the color contrast on the sleeves.”

This Theory jacket can be paired with just about anything. The outfit is perfect and proper when zipped up, casual but collected when unzipped. Let your inner motorcycle babe come out to rock the city with cool colors and high fashion.

How to: Wear Skirts in the Winter

No matter how cold it is in the winter, that doesn’t change that fact that we want to look smokin’ hot and stylish! We wear skirts in the summer to show off our flirty, girly side. Who is to say that we can’t do the same thing in the winter? But how do I do that, you might ask? Shop LA Style has the answers for you!

Take a look at our Splendid Circle Skirt in Black for example.


Though the color is winter appropriate, the fact that the skirt is above the knee could pose a few problems for anything below 60 degrees. How can you make this skirt winter wise?

What TO DO: 

First option: TIGHTS! This is the time of the year when tights are not only acceptable, but encouraged! They not only keep your legs warm but depending on which color you choose, they can lengthen your legs and tie together your entire outfit. Leggings are also an option.

Second option: Layers. Take that cute sweater and throw it over your top! This gives your upper body another layer to keep you warm.

Third option: Long sleek coat/ cardigan. Choose this option if  you know that it will be warmer where you will be going. There is nothing worse than dressing for the freezing weather outside, then arriving at your destination and having it be 80 degrees inside. With a coat or cardigan, you have the option to take off that layer and be comfortable in a skirt and top.

Fourth option: Scarf. This may be my favorite option because a scarf is technically an accessory! So you can actually make yourself warmer by accessorizing correctly, who knew! Match your scarf to your skirt or choose an accent color, it is totally up to you. You’re free to accessorize in other ways as well, like the Gorjana Buckley Cuff in Gold shown above.

Fifth option: Tall boots. You’d be surprised how warm calf-high or knee-high boots can keep you! Plus underneath the boots you can wear warm socks AND tights. Warm feet, happy woman.

What NOT To Do:

Add too many layers- this can make you look frumpy. No thank you!

Go bare- Your legs will be absolutely freezing. If you do not want to ruin your outfit with colored tights, opt for a nude pair. Either way, this will keep you warm. Don’t just go bare skin.

Wear open-toed shoes- You should really only wear open-toes shoes in the winter if you like frostbitten toes. In the winter, always wear close-toes shoes to keep your feet warm and protected from rain/snow/cold air/etc.

Sweater Weather: Sweaters for All Body Types

Now is the time to pull out the scarves, the accessories, and the boots because it’s SWEATER WEATHER! With winter here, you’ll need to know everything you can about these warm, fuzzy lifesavers. Here at Shop LA Style we have the perfect sweater for your body type.

Crewneck sweaters: If you have a boyish body, narrow to medium-size shoulders and a small to medium-sized chest.

Our suggestion for women with this body type:

sweater 1


sweater 2

V Neck:  Wear this if you have a boyish, curvy, pear or busty figure- this style is universally flattering. It  suits all bust sizes and balances wide or slender shoulders.

Our suggestion for women with this body type:


Turtleneck Sweater: Wear this style if you have a boyish or pear-shape frame with a small to medium-size bust. It draws the eyes up and enhances your shoulders.

Our suggestion for women with this body type:

sweater 3

Staff Favorite: Theory Laura Wool Jersey Coat

Michelle, our marketing intern, has chosen our new Theory Laura Wool Jersey Coat as her favorite coat this season. We were curious why she would choose this coat over other coats, so we asked her:

What is a normal Saturday outfit for you?

“Dark wash blue skinny jeans, a slim fitting tank, an infinity scarf, a leather jacket, and black boots.”

What would you consider your style?

“I prefer to fill my wardrobe with quality foundation pieces, lots of basics and quality denim. I would rather have one good pair of jeans than two not-so-good pairs, same goes for tops and jackets. Overall I am a realistic shopper. I know that spending $50 on a pair of low quality jeans every year isn’t as smart as spending $150 on a high quality pair that will last me five years.”

Why would you choose the Theory Laura Wool Jersey Coat as your favorite?

“I knew I was interested in the jacket as soon as I checked it into our inventory. We usually carry light cardigans so getting a thick coat immediately drew my attention. I knew it was my favorite as soon I tried it on because it is feminine and figure flattering, which is hard to find in a coat. The seam right at the waist creates an illusion of a smaller waist and extends from there for a slimming effect. The wool and cashmere blend is SO. SOFT. I don’t think I have ever had a coat that was that soft. Ever. I am also a big fan of leather jackets, but sometimes they are not as warm as I’d like them to be. The fact that this coat is wool and the arms are leather is a perfect combination of my two necessities, style and comfort.”

THE257 staff favorite

Charcoal: Our Favorite Shade of Grey

Charcoal is the new black for Fall 2013.

Not as formal as black but not as casual as white, charcoal is the perfect way to stay fashionable without cutting contrast.  Charcoal should be a staple color of your wardrobe, so we’ve chosen our favorite Shop LA Style charcoal items, starting with our new Theory sweater.

Theory Cashmere V Neck in Charcoal

Cashmere V Neck
in Charcoal

Charcoal Outfits

Panel 1

A Michael Stars relaxed fit, long sleeve boat-neck tee with dolman sleeves and banded hem.

Panel 2

A Theory fitted, short sleeve dress with ruffle panels and concealed zip closure.

Panel 3

A Splendid Thermal Cowl Neck with jersey cowl and sleeves.

Panel 4

A Three Dots relaxed fit, long sleeve tunic with a handkerchief hem and suede detail on wrists and hem.

Which to Choose: Skinny, Straight or Bootcut?


Go with skinny jeans for a sleek, modern look. Pair with a loose blouse or a tighter fitting, layered look. Shoe selections with skinny jeans are easy: anything you want! Boots, heels, flats, literally any shoe works with this cut. Skinny ankle jeans are easy to pull off with wedges too, in case heels aren’t your cup of tea.

7 For All Mankind The Skinny in Laverna Lake

7 For All Mankind
The Skinny
in Laverna Lake


If you are choosing a straight leg jean, pair it with a slim fitting sweater for a more casual, versatile look. Wear with flats or cuff the bottoms of the jeans to wear with heels.

Hudson Carly Straight Cigarette in Shirley

Carly Straight Cigarette
in Shirley


If you are choosing a bootcut jean, pair it with a tucked in flowy shirt and statement belt. Wear with boots or heels for a fancier feel.

Joe's Jeans Honey Bootcut Jean in Ryder

Joe’s Jeans
Honey Bootcut Jean
in Ryder

J Brand Cargo Pants

WAIT!! Before you rule out cargo pants all together, we urge you to reconsider. Cargo pants are making a comeback, and luckily not in the baggy 90’s Boy Band way that we know you’re imagining. This hot, revamped trend is throwing out ribbed white tanks, gold pocket chains, and chunky tennis shoes. That style can stay right where it belongs, safely stored away in your memory.

This season we are pairing the J Brand Vintage Dim Grey Twill Cargo with practically anything you want, and we’ll show you how to do it.

Casual Daytime
Pair with a loose sweater and ballet flats. Don’t over analyze, this look is crazy comfy and you look cute in the process. Who could ask for more?
Casual Daytime

Casual Errands
This look begs to be worn on a busy day. Pair a tighter flannel and canvas sneakers like Converse or Vans. Practical and trendy, these cargo pants can keep up with your daily grind.

Dressy Work-Appropriate
Assuming your job doesn’t require you to theme your wardrobe in a pants suit fashion, pair your cargos with a crisp button-up or a fancier blouse for the workplace. On a scale from one to dinner with the queen, your blouse should hit at about a six. Not made of gold silk, but fancy enough to keep you looking sophisticated. Slide yourself into a pair of high heels or heeled boots to keep the dressy train on its track. If you are wearing skinny cargos, keep them the full length of the pant. If you’re wearing straight leg cargos, you have the option of either keeping the full length or rolling them a few times. Don’t roll all the way up to your calf, but roll enough to make the pants into “ankle pants,” about two short rolls. Always cold? Add another layer, but keep it form fitting with a cardigan or a slim sweater. Jewelry? Sure! Let’s go with a necklace for this look.
Dressy Work Appropriate

Dressy Social
To dress up cargo pants for a night out, go for a more exciting and jaw-dropping top. We know you’ve been waiting for an occasion to cut the tags off that flashy or slinky top… Here’s your chance! High heels, a fancy clutch, and jewelry will take this look to a whole new level.

We know you get excited about accessorizing (we get excited too!), but do not overdo it. Wearing cargo pants will give you an air of cool, we don’t want you to blow the whole look with too many flashy pieces.
Long necklace? Yes!
Dangly earrings? Yes!
Bangle bracelets? Yes!
Stackable rings? Yes!
All of them together? NO. NO And again, NO. Pick one accessory and stick to it.
Less is more.

Stripe a Pose!

After having juiced up your wardrobe with basics, don’t you think it’s time we start thinking about graphics, styles, fits, and how-to’s?

We think so too.

Let’s start with our personal favorite, the Velvet Eureka Variegated Wide Stripe Pocket Tank. This multi-color horizontal striped piece with a relaxed fit scoop-neck and front pocket detail make this tank what we consider a stripes foundation piece.

Velvet Eureka Pocket Tank in Nautical

Velvet Eureka Pocket Tank
in Nautical

Next is our Three Dots Tonal Stripe Cap Sleeve Cowl Top! Once we saw this shirt, and all other cowl necks for that matter, we were sold! Cowl necks are the absolute easiest way to turn a shirt that would normally be basic, into a shirt that can be dressed up or down according to the other pieces of your outfit. This beautiful relaxed fit, sleeveless top is perfect either as a day piece paired with jean shorts and ballet flats, or as a night piece paired with black jeans, a black cardigan, and heels.

Three Dots Tonal Stripe  Cowl Top in Mangosteen

Three Dots Tonal Stripe Cowl Top in Mangosteen

Not feeling thick stripes today? We love the idea of a more subtle approach with daytime stripes. The Splendid Mediterranean Stripe Pocket Scoop has a double scoop neck top with front pocket detail and rolled tacked sleeves, creating a casual lightweight fit and feel.

Splendid Mediterranean Stripe Pocket Scoop in Apple Green

Splendid Mediterranean Stripe Pocket Scoop in Apple Green

Three Dots Linen Wide Leg Pant

“My dream is to live life to the fullest surrounded by authentic beauty,” explains Three Dot CEO Sharon Lebon. She created Three Dots with the literal meaning “more to follow,” and on that enticing lead, customers have continued to appreciate and acquire the wardrobe foundation pieces of clean, minimal design.

Sure these linen pants they look great, but are they practical? Can I dress them up and down however I would like? 

Of course you can!


Linen pants on a flight? The style of linen is to wrinkle, so a little wrinkle here, a little fold over there is perfect and exactly what you need when you’re traveling. Linen pants on vacation? The light, breathable fabric is great for beach days and tropical getaways! Mixing textures is also a perfect way to piece together your existing wardrobe with a new linen pant. A sheer blouse with linen pants, a denim shirt over a tank and linen pants, the possibilities are endless when your foundation piece has a posh business casual appeal.


Built on the idea of “Pure, American, Luxury,” Three Dots is manufactured in the U.S. and combines the highest quality products while remaining current with demand all over the world. Their signature flat-locked stitch keeps the clothing fashionable while ensuring durability and endurance.

Best of Sale + 25% Off!

After the Christmas lights have dimmed, the New Year’s Eve champagne has fizzled and gone flat, and the holiday shopping frenzy has slowed to a trickle, there seems to be a general lack of excitement in the world of retail. But I’m here to tell you that this is actually the best time of year to indulge in a little retail therapy. Hey, it’s cold, you need boots, they’ve been marked way down… and you didn’t even get what you wanted for Christmas!

The Sale category has some great finds. I, for one like to lurk around that part of the site and see if any one of my obsessions has gotten any less expensive. Here are a few stand out items that you might want to consider snatching up before someone else does!

 Only Hearts Organic Cotton Pajama Set

Regular: $128.00
Sale: $90.00 –  30% Off

+Additional 25% Off = $68

For me, this time of year is all about relaxing and getting cozy. I like to buy new bedding and indulge in luxuries for my home. Let’s face it… the weather is making us all want to stay inside, get the fireplace going, and sip a hot drink. These Only Hearts Piped Pajamas in super soft organic cotton are the perfect thing to curl up in.








Da-Nang Cargo Jacket

Regular: $194.00
Sale: $116.00 –  40% Off

+ Additional 25% Off = $87

This 100% silk Hooded Cargo Jacket from Da-Nang is a great multi-functional piece that comes in two neutral colors, Aloe (green, as pictured) and Dune (a rich camel color). It can be worn with the sleeves long or rolled, drapes beautifully, and has a really cool draw string waist. It almost feels like a blouse, but  has the functionality of a jacket, thanks to the front flap cargo pockets and hood.







12th St by Cynthia Vincent Shirred Mini Dress

Regular: $275.00
Sale: $83.00 –  70% Off

+ Additional 25% Off = $62.25

Who couldn’t use a great basic dress? I’m always on the look out for pieces like this Shirred Mini Dress from 12th St by Cynthia Vincent, that I can wear year ’round and dress up or down. The feel of this super soft sheer jersey fabric is so comfortable and the draping is elegant and understated, and creates a really forgiving silhouette on those days when I’m not feeling so skinny. I would wear this with tights and boots for work or a fabulous pair of heels for a night out.



See, I told you there were some amazing markdowns. Now here comes the very best part! Enter SALE24 at checkout and get an extra 25% off all sale merchandise until Friday, January 7th at midnight PST. What could be better than an additional 25% off of the sale price?